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The Campion Group is an Australian, family owned business that supports education, learning, technology and books.

Campion Education is an Australian family-owned business and the largest supplier of education resources including print, digital and stationery resources to secondary schools in Australia. We continuously seek to provide innovative educational resources, solutions and services which enable schools to focus on providing the best learning outcomes for their students.

The Book House is an Australian owned and operated supplier for public libraries. Our long-standing relationships with major local and international publishers means we can access almost any book or resource. We are best known for our Australian focus: helping libraries to source local content that’s relevant to readers. Founded in 1979 and joining The Campion Group in 2019, we are proud of our client relationships, our team and our commitment to excellence in all we do. If you’re looking for a dedicated supplier to meet your book and resource needs, we would be glad to support you.

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We develop innovative, engaging and evolving English resources to challenge, to inspire and to enrich learning.
We believe that education is key to empowering young people across the globe. As publishers of educational content, we are committed to ensuring that our publications are of the highest standard, applying the latest pedagogical research to content from the best practitioners in their field.
We are passionate about what we do, drawing on over 50 years’ experience in educational publishing to deliver innovative, engaging and evolving English resources that challenge and inspire.

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edsoft is an Adobe Gold Partner and key provider of Adobe products to a broad range of schools, universities and government bodies across Australia. edsoft first commenced supplying software and elearning solutions to the school community in 1983, quickly growing to be a leading provider of software, hardware and services. Joining The Campion Group in 2012, we provide local knowledge and experience and can simplify the software onboarding process for you.

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Meet the Senior Management Team


Managing Director


General Manager, Sales, eLearning & Technology, Campion Education


General Manager,
Insight Publications


General Manager, Operations,
Campion Education


Chief Financial Officer, Campion Education


General Manager,
The Book House


General Manager, Marketing,
Campion Education


National Sales Manager, Campion Education