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The easiest way to get all your family’s textbooks, digital resources and stationery

Campion Education is your school’s recommended supplier. When you shop with Campion, you know you are getting the correct item as required by your school.

The easiest way to get all your school resources is to order online by your school’s due date. Select what your child needs, tell us where to deliver it and we’ll take care of the rest for you. We do our best to deliver your child’s resources in time for the start of school, but we can’t always guarantee stock availability for late orders or in our stores, so order online today.

If you missed placing your order by the school due date, you CAN still order online. Just choose from the delivery or collection options that show.

Before you place your child’s order it’s always a good idea to check the names of the subjects they will be doing next year. Is it English or English Studies? Maths 1 & 2 or Maths 3 & 4?

Knowing these things before you start will help you save time and avoiding making changes or needing to return items later.

Click the red ‘Parents order here’ button or go to

To get started, enter your email or mobile and we’ll send you an authenticator code (no more passwords!)

When you get the 6-digit code, enter it and you’re in!

First time users will arrive at the Dashboard. Tap on Order Now when you’re ready to place an order.




Once you have added a student, next time you log in you will skip this step.

Campion’s online ordering is set up so you order the exact resources your school has selected for your child. Match your student using either their school email address or school name.

If you don’t have your child’s school email address, that’s OK! You can search for the school by name and then use your child’s name and Resource List Code to bring up their list. The Resource List Code is usually a four digit code and should be on correspondence from your school.

If you can’t find the Resource List Code, enter the student’s first name and surname and select ‘Request code’, and we’ll find it for you.

Once you have your student up, you can either add more students (tap ‘Add student’ again) or if you don’t have other students, tap ‘New order’.

To start your student’s order, select year level and tap ‘Continue’.






Use the arrows on the right to open the subject areas your child will study. Tap on the resource to “Add” and change the number if you need multiples.

Below the order, you will see delivery options available to you, which may include home delivery, school delivery, or click and collect. Make your selection and tap ‘Continue’.

Now you’ll get a summary of the order, your details and payment information. Check the items you’ve selected and all the details you’ve provided to make sure they are all correct.

Double check  contact details and delivery address. If you might be away on holiday in late January, you can give your work address or a friend’s house (check with them first!)

We accept Mastercard and Visa. If you need to pay with cash or a Campion voucher, please head into a Campion store or call 1300 433 982 for advice.

Home delivery orders

For home delivery orders, you’ll be able to log into your Campion account and see the status of your order. Most of our orders are dispatched in mid-January, so don’t worry if the status of your order doesn’t change for a while after you’ve placed it.

Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you’ll get an email with the Australia Post tracking details. With those details you’ll be able to track your delivery.

School collection (may be referred to as pre-packaged collection)

If your school has nominated a date and location for you to collect your order, the details of your collection will be provided in your order confirmation email.

Need help?

If you need assistance, please try our FAQs or contact us.

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