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Making things easy for your school community

We know how important it is to keep things running smoothly in the classroom and at home. Our services help your teaching, admin and ICT staff, so you can focus on what you do best – teaching.

Campion Education offer a one-stop shop – solutions for digital, print & stationery resources, booklists, class sets and direct bulk supply, library books & digital integrations in any combination that works best for your school. We’re the largest school resource supplier in Australia, and we invest deeply in support resources to help make back-to-school easy for your school community, including our operational network, retail service centres around Australia and local customer support.

Campion would be pleased to tender for your school’s textbook, digital resource, stationery or library book supply. Please send requests for tender / invitation to offer by email or by contacting your local Campion office.

School case studies

What do our partner schools say about working with Campion?

“I would absolutely recommend Campion and the MC2 platform to other schools. It has helped our students have a seamless start to the year with their textbook accessibility. If they’re coming to other classes or come in as a new student, it’s supported them in that way. Our staff have loved having all the textbooks in one place and for our library staff it has saved us so much time and effort in having everything in a one stop shop.”

Ali Ripberger
St Aloysius College, Adelaide

“Campion’s been a one stop shop and it grows with the school. I’ve seen them grow as a company with the digital age and we’re sort of learning together. And I like that. As we see something, we can bring it up with our representatives and they can work with us for a solution, because it benefits both of us.”

Bart Rutherford
Wesley College, Melbourne

John Monash Science School, VIC

“I’m confident that the Campion platform will continue to streamline our operations and improve the educational experience for everyone involved.

I want to express my gratitude to the entire Campion team. Your dedication has made a significant difference and has set us up for success.”

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Mt Alvernia College, QLD

“We are heavily invested in the MyConnect2 learning platform and have nothing but positive reviews from students and staff. Campion look after us.“

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Kingswood College, VIC

“MyConnect2 has been much easier to manage. We haven’t had to contact any of the publishers. We don’t have to tell students here are your login details – it’s set up with SSO so they just click on a link on our Learning Management System and it automatically logs them in and all their books are there on the dashboard.”

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McKinnon Secondary College, VIC

“It’s about trust and reliability. I always just trust Campion and appreciate the partnership we’ve got. Even as Campion has grown, we haven’t lost that relationship. It’s efficient and it’s reliable and it works and we’re happy.“

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Concordia College, SA

“The transition from our previous provider was seamless and the level of support they offer has been exceptional. Keeping their base local with the backing of a larger organisation has ensured that turn-around time is fast.”

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Hillcrest Christian College, VIC

“I have been coordinating the booklists for six years and have always found Campion’s service outstanding. If we have any queries, the staff at Campion are always quick to find a resolution.
Nothing is too difficult for them and we have come to rely on this excellent service.”

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Nazareth College, VIC

“It’s really handy to have a very easy support system in place for me to be able to get answers fast – and do I get them fast! I’m really impressed with the service that Campion have been providing to us. I know everyone by face, I know who they are. The customer service is phenomenal and I’m very, very happy that I’ve got that backing me up in my job.

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Temple Christian College, SA

“Campion has been amazing. For me and as a school, it’s just the ease of having everything just there at our fingertips. We’re super happy with how it all works… I think the service that Campion provides not only to the families but to me personally as a member of staff is excellent. It’s easy, it’s brilliant, we’re really happy.”

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Carrum Downs Secondary College, VIC

“I find Campion fantastic to deal with. Everyone I deal with is focused on what the school needs, what the student needs and how best they can help us. For us it is all about making sure everyone gets the right resources in the easiest way possible for them and Campion is fantastic when it comes to supporting our students.”

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St Leonard’s College, VIC

“As long-term partners, we appreciate that the Campion team don’t rest on their laurels and assume everything will remain the same. They understand that the demands of education change.“

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Brigidine College St Ives, NSW

“Now that all their resources are in one place, on one digital bookshelf in MyConnect it’s just so much easier than when we started out. We just tell the students to go to Campion MyConnect to access all of their digital textbooks and that makes life a lot simpler.“

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St Bede’s College, VIC

“When we went to Campion the transition was extremely smooth, they ran an efficient operation and dealing with the expertise of some of the staff in the digital area was a massive plus.”

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Carey Baptist Grammar School, VIC

“Campion’s provisioning and Secure Connect services are the biggest benefit to us, when dealing with individual publishers. It’s a single point of contact: we prepare the queries to the database, with student’s names, subjects and teachers, but then it just automatically gets picked up by Campion and provisioned.“

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Presbyterian Ladies College Perth, WA

“The initial setup, transfer and move between the two companies was very easy. What attracted us to Campion was that they provided the same level of service, and then some.“

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Bayside P-12 College, VIC

“Provisioning of user accounts and SSO, they’re the two things that we didn’t have previously with our digital provider, but we’ve got now with Campion and I’m loving it — it’s so good.“

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The Campion story

We have been supporting Australian schools and families for generations. We’re a family owned Australian company, with a vision to remain a trusted partner for schools and teachers.

Getting set up with Campion Education

Streamline suppliers

Bring together multiple publishers and suppliers to make things efficient for your teaching and administration teams.

We're local & Aussie owned

With people & retail service centres across Australia, we can swing by with the book you need or pop in to help with technology – and we give your students summer jobs, too.

Seamless implementation

We do all the set-up for you, so students have their resources on day one, and you can focus on your important work.

Support when you need it

Whether it’s keeping things moving in the classroom, making your admin easy or helping students and their families, we’re here to support you.

Why are they called Retail Service Centres?

Around Australia there are 15 Campion stores where families can pick up school resources, browse study guides and learning aids, transact exchanges, refunds and seek digital help – in person. We call them Retail Service Centres, because the heart of our business is service – to make things easier for the school community.

Trusted by over 3,000 Schools

We’ve partnered with schools from all over Australia.

Ready to see how
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Campion’s Account Managers are the most experienced and trusted in the business, and located near you. Contact your local Account Manager.