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Revolutionise your learning space with Campion’s world-class digital integration tools. The future of textbooks and digital content is available for your school today.

From putting together your resource list, making textbooks and digital tools available for your school, managing your data and supporting users, no one does it better. Campion’s end-to-end solutions are fully customisable for your school’s needs.

When we call it customisable — here’s what that means:


Our specialist consultants meet with your key decision makers.


Together we plan the service that suits your school community.


Then we implement — creating the best set-up for your students, families, and staff. We do all the set-up, so students have their resources on day one, and you can deliver on your important work.

Everything done for you. Seamless implementation.

Campion’s digital ecosystem

Website Digital - School Portal

ECO School Portal & Resource List Builder

Your Campion dashboard is a custom-built portal, created to give you the tools you need to run your school resource program. Build your school’s Resource List, browse the widest education product catalogue in Australia, and access reporting and data for your school.

Website Digital - MyConnect2


The future of textbooks and digital content. Now all your resources are in one place. Campion MyConnect2 is intuitive, collaborative and makes it easy for teachers and students to customise textbooks and digital resources.

Website Digital - Secure Connect


We help you set up your database queries for teacher, student and subject data so Campion’s SecureConnect service automatically transfers the encrypted data. It’s easy and safe.

Website Digital - IAM SSO

Identity Access Management (SSO)

It’s True Single Sign-On. Teachers and students need one username and password and only need to enter it once. SSO is activated with all publishers under a single account including Cambridge GO, NelsonNet, Oxford Digital, Pearson Places, JacPLUS. Our true single-sign on supports SAML, AD, Azure, LDAP, Google, Microsoft365, oAuth2 and more.

Website Digital - Parent Purchasing

Parent Purchasing

Intuitive online ordering for students and parents. Parents order and pay online. You choose how their resources are distributed; home delivery, click & collect or school collection, organised and run by us.

Take your digital learning to the next level.

MyConnect2 is the future of textbooks and digital content. This game-changing platform makes it easy to access your digital resources and textbooks, anywhere, at any time.

The Campion Advantage

We customise your service down to the smallest detail. Here are just some of the things we offer to make your life easier.

Seamless Provisioning

No more publisher access code problems. We set up all the publisher accounts with the required content for you, for every student, so it’s all there on day one.

Automated Timetabling

Integration with all major Timetabling programs. Our state-of-the-art system automatically assigns the resources each student needs for their chosen subjects. Subject changes and new students are automated.

LMS Integration

Upload, embed or deep-link to your own content to enhance your resources and lesson plans. Campion’s digital ecosystem integrates with the major Learning Management Systems and Google Classroom. We do all the set up work and you access your resources through your own LMS.


Upload, embed or deep-link to your own content to enhance your resources and lesson plans. Share and collaborate to build learning the way you want.

Live Payment Reporting

Access to a real-time “payment portal” where you can access live reporting of all students and what they have / have not ordered.

Parent or School Purchase

Your school can purchase resources for all students and we’ll provision all accounts and activate content, or, students can purchase online and we can set-up students’ access individually.

Retail Service Centres

We are the only full service provider offering national retail service centres where our friendly staff will assist parents and students with their digital resources, help and support — so they come to us, not you for help.

Resources the way you need them

Build booklists on our online Resource List Builder catalogue. Customise a package per year level at a set price which covers digital resources, English novels, elective resources, print resources, school-customised items and more.

Meet other schools who have reinvented their operations
with Campion’s digital ecosystem

Personalised School Branded Portal

Customise your school portal with your school branding and logo. We configure your portal to meet your school’s provisioning needs with Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all major publishers and niche publishers.

Live Support

Support when you need it

Access our in-app support and connect directly to a digital expert, or send an email direct to our specialist digital team.