Digital learning

Integrate your digital resources with a plan tailored to your school.

As Australia’s leading digital resource aggregator for schools, we offer schools an unparalleled range of digital options.

Single sign-on

Simplify access with a single point to store and access all your digital content

Publisher connections

Connect to thousands of digital resources from the largest to the most niche publishers, 

LMS Connections

Integrate your digital content with leading Learning Management Systems.

Print and Digital combinations

Our range of options allow you to tailor your digital transition to a pace that works for your whole school community. 

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Looking for an experienced and reliable approach?

Choosing the right solution for your digital resources requires consideration of many factors.

What works in one school may not work in another school, and what works for one year level may not work for another, so you need a range of options to choose from. That’s where we’re able to help.

We partner with schools to help develop digital strategies and select options that are appropriately tailored to their unique situations.

Here’s how we go about it:


Your Vision

We listen to what you want to achieve, then help you develop a plan to bridge the gap between where you are today and the vision you have for your school.

We start with understanding the key factors that influence the success of your learning strategy.

Our conversation will typically cover your:

  • School device policy
  • Staff development and digital comfort levels
  • School internet / network capacity
  • Priorities for access to content
  • Parent community’s expectations

The insights we develop together in this conversation form the foundation for your digital learning strategy.

digital learning resources from Campion Education Australia

Aligning Your Resources

We tailor a range of learning resources for your students and staff that align to your vision and strategy.

You’re able to select from the widest range of digital learning resources, matched to your school’s unique requirements.

Our access options include:

  • Print and digital product bundles
  • Rich, interactive digital content from Australia’s leading publishers as well as niche content publishers
  • Flat digital files
  • Subscriptions to online learning programs

All forms of digital resources can be integrated into your student resources lists, making administration easy for your staff and making purchasing easy for parents.


Simplifying Access

We help you select the right access option that gives your students reliable and consistent access to digital content in class.

Each school has a unique set of priorities when it comes to accessing digital content.

An app or other solution that works for one school may have a different outcome in another school.

We help you respond to your school’s priorities for accessing digital content, giving you the greatest chance of successful digital implementation.


Supporting implementation

When it comes to implementation, you want your teaching and ICT staff to know they are supported.

Our eLearning specialists provide support to schools to help teaching staff become familiar with new resources.

We provide teachers and ICT staff with:

  • Online videos
  • Set-up and installation guides
  • Help guides for student issues
  • A dedicated Technical Support team

Our online help also provides your student and family community with detailed support and FAQs plus access to our local customer service teams.