Digital Citizenship with Campion and CyberPass

Digital Citizenship
with Campion and CyberPass

Learn to be a safe and responsible user of online technology

CyberPass is a powerful online education tool that principals, teachers and children can work through to learn skills and techniques on how to be safe and responsible users of online technology.

Campion Education is proud to be the sole distributor of CyberPass in Australia.

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Ensure your students stay safe online

Do you know if your students have the necessary skills and knowledge to use technology responsibly and keep themselves and others safe? CyberPass covers all issues associated with digital and media literacy as required by the curriculum, including e-safety, e-security, cyberbullying and digital citizenship.

It also provides a broad approach to topics such as device settings, privacy, browsing and research and much more.

CyberPass can help. 

How does CyberPass work?

CyberPass is available in a range of modules depending on the age of the children and/or their experience of the online world.

Choose from Basics or Essentials.
Coming soon – Advanced (year 7 to 9).

Curriculum alignment

Digital citizenship (or digital literacy) education is difficult to navigate for teachers and school leaders.

CyberPass tackles the wider context of digital literacy and critical evaluation skills that support the Australian Curriculum’s focus on ICT capability across all learning areas in the curriculum.

Have confidence that once a student completes the course they have satisfied all the curriculum requirements.

CyberPass Features 

Easy to use interface

All functionality is accessible from one page.

Clear and relevant interactive questions

All questions have easy to follow instructions.

Easy to understand feedback for each question

Concise and easy to understand feedback.

Interactive glossary

Available at all times.

Quiz review

Student quiz review where they can see each question they answered (Teachers can also access this review via the Dashboard).


Checklists contain skills required and tips to help your students work through each section.

Educational videos

Videos contain advice and online experiences from experts and young people.

Educational activities

Range of highly interactive and engaging activities and games, relevant to each quiz.

Easy to follow progress tracker

Students know how far they are through finishing their CyberPass module.

Help & support

Selection of qualified external content and information for ease of access.


SOSIndex is a unique service provided by CyberPass using data from student responses. With over 1.3 million questions answered by students across Australia, it provides a comprehensive snapshot of topics and is an evidence-based approach to safeguard children online.

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