Aligning your resources

Access unparalleled options for digital content

Digital resources continue to evolve, so you need the flexibility to select from the widest range of digital learning options that are matched to the pace of both your teaching staff and your students.

Largest selection of digital content

As Australia’s largest distributor of educational resources, we can connect you to thousands of digital resources, whether you’re looking for flat content (PDFs) or interactive sites – or both!

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Plus access to the widest range of niche publishers

In addition to the major publishers, you can access as many niche publishers as you need, including titles from GTAV, HTAV, Aspire, Wet Paper, Inspiration Fun, Ticking Mind, Tactic Publications, Adelaide Tuition Centre, PCS Publications, STAWA, Impact Publishing, CPAP and Titan Education.

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Online digital resource integrations

There are many new suppliers of online digital resources now, enhancing student learning.

We make it easy for schools to integrate these resources, providing you with access options and collection of access fees.

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Print & Digital bundles

Many schools find that print and digital combinations are a good place to begin their digital journey, as they offer choice to their students, families and teaching staff.

Print and digital options can be incorporated into your school booklist, offering easy ordering for families and full support for students and parents with their digital set-ups.

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No matter what device your school is using, we can support you. We have options that work with:

  • Windows-based laptops, tablets & PCs
  • MacOS based laptops & PCs
  • iPads
  • Android based tablets
  • Chromebooks