Full support

When it comes to implementation, you want a seamless start backed up with local support.

Engaging your whole school community is crucial to the success of your digital strategy.

Our experience has taught us that broad engagement is one of the keys to success for digital learning programs.

Talk to us about preparing your whole community with services we can provide, such as:

  • Staff information sessions
  • Parent and student information evenings
  • A dedicated Technical Support team
  • Set-up and installation guides
  • Online videos
  • Help guides for students
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Campion MyStart – full student onboarding.

Campion MyStart is our new student onboarding program that ensures your students have all their flat and interactive content set up and ready to go on day one of the term.

Campion’s MyStart onboarding program means students don’t need to set up anything, ever.

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Local support for your students and parent community

Across Australia, we have over 60 staff dedicated to providing customer support to student and parent communities in each state.

Our Customer Support and Technology Centre is home to more than 30 customer support staff, ready to help students and parents with their queries relating to their digital products.

We also provide:

  • Parent and student information evenings
  • Online ‘how-to’ video guides
  • Step-by-Step set-up and installation guides
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ability for parents to resend lost access codes directly to their email address
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