MyConnect2 nominated in global EdTech Awards

Campion Education, has been named as the only Australian finalist in category at the 2024 international EdTech Cool Tool Awards (Product or Service) for the innovative MyConnect2 textbook and digital resource platform.

“Educators and students all over Australia value MyConnect2 for its ability to make the teaching and learning experience easier than ever, whether it’s by seamlessly integrating Learning Management Systems or facilitating greater collaboration between students and teachers,” said Carlo Ruiz-Matthyssen, General Manager of eLearning, Sales and IT at Campion Education.

“Being the only Australian business to achieve a finalist position for an Australian-originated and built EdTech service highlights just how ground-breaking MyConnect2 and the Campion digital ecosystem is.”

Mitchel Berryman, ICT Technician at Nazareth College in Melbourne, said integrating MyConnect2 has enhanced student learning and engagement.

“Our approach to technology at the school is to allow students to be ready to learn. In order for us to facilitate that, we need students to not have any barriers to access. And Campion’s MyConnect2 is absolutely phenomenal in creating access for students,” said Mr Berryman.

“It allows students to interact on their devices rather than just read, so students get a hands-on experience with their textbooks and that provides a much better outcome. When you incorporate those interactive elements into the textbooks it provides a superior learning experience. Teachers find it easy to use and can easily access what they need and distribute the content in the way they see fit in their classrooms.”

As a leading global source of cool tools, interviews, and trends showcasing the future of learning, EdTech’s annual awards honour the best and brightest people, products and groups working internationally in EdTech. The Cool Tool Award for which MyConnect2 is a finalist honours worldwide innovations across K-12, Higher Ed, and Skills & Workforce sectors, recognising Campion Education as a global innovator in the EdTech industry.