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MyConnect2 nominated in global EdTech Awards

Campion Education, has been named as the only Australian finalist in category at the 2024 international EdTech Cool Tool Awards (Product or Service) for the innovative MyConnect2 textbook and digital resource platform. “Educators and students all over Australia value MyConnect2 for its ability to make the teaching and learning experience easier than ever, whether it’s […]

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2024 back-to-school: the results are in

We’re thrilled to announce that our tradition of excellent service continues! Once again, following the back-to-school season, we’ve reached out to parents and school staff to gather feedback on our services. With a complex network of operations, we understand that achieving perfection every single time may not be possible. However, we’re delighted to share that our […]

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Thank you!

Following each back-to-school season, we survey parents and school staff to evaluate our service. As a complex service business with a lot of moving parts, we know that we may not always achieve perfection, but we are pleased to report that the 2023 survey results continue to demonstrate high satisfaction levels. We are committed to […]

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