2024 back-to-school: the results are in

We’re thrilled to announce that our tradition of excellent service continues!

Once again, following the back-to-school season, we’ve reached out to parents and school staff to gather feedback on our services. With a complex network of operations, we understand that achieving perfection every single time may not be possible. However, we’re delighted to share that our 2024 survey results uphold our reputation for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction to both schools and parents.

We don’t stay still either; continual innovation for 2024 included:

  •  Introduction of a new easy-to-use and secure
    parent ordering portal
  • Roll out of seamless eBook access at many schools across Australia
  • Piloting cloth bags in a number of retail stores for sustainability

At core, Campion remains dedicated to prioritising service excellence above all else. Your satisfaction drives us, and we’re committed to continually enhancing our offerings to better serve the Australian school community.

 As always, we value your input and welcome suggestions and feedback that can help us to continually improve. Thank you for your continued support today and into the future.